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Jackson Hole Outfitters and its staff have been operating on the Greys River for over 25 years. Specializing in horseback hunting for elk, mule deer, and moose, our hunting camp is located amidst the rugged beauty of the Wyoming Range. This is spectacular hunting country with high timberline basins, deep dark forest, and plenty of open hillsides and meadows for great hunting and a choice experience.

Camp elevation is about 7,000 feet and some of the best hunting is a tough climb by horseback to the 10,000 foot peaks rimming the camp.  For an area to consistently produce trophies it has to have lots of rugged country for the animals to hide in, so they can grow old and big. You need a top-notch outfitter and a good stout horse to get you into that great hunting country. Only then do you have a fighting chance at a truly big buck or bull.

Non-residents need to apply for an elk license by January 31st, moose license by February 28th, and a deer license by March 15th. The elk drawing is the end of February, the deer drawing is in early July. Odds on drawing vary, but are generally about 50-80% for elk, 40-70% for deer.

For more information call us at (307) 266-4229.

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